Total Solar Eclipse – Taylors, SC

South Carolina got a rare treat, a solar eclipse passed right through the state with the very center of it, path of totality, going through our town. Last time an eclipse happened in America was 30+ years ago. A bunch of us gathered at Nina’s place to witness this rare event.

Everyone had on a pair of Solar glasses to enjoy the view. Our necks got tired after looking up so long so someone got a brilliant idea, blankets! I think credit goes to Sveta.


Sharing blankets?! Dima, aka Dmetry, aka Danger Dima, would have none of it. He required his own personal snuggie!

The eclipse turned out to be an amazing experience. The 90 degree weather dropped down at least 20 degrees. Everything became dimmer and all the clouds disappeared due to lack of thermal activity from the drop in temp. As it became darker the crickets came out and then total darkness came in abruptly.
It looked exactly like the classic pics from online but much more powerful.
solar-eclipseGoogle Image

Even Olive wanted in on the action
Another amazing feature of the eclipse was that you could see stars around the sun. Stars! In the middle of the day! Simply amazing. I’m grateful to have experienced such an event.

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