Last Post

This is probably my last post regarding the AT. I just wanted to let everyone know I’m doing well at home. Transitioning back was a breeze. Here is a video of the AT that I composed. It’s a small glimpse of the hike. Hope you enjoy it!

Best wishes to everyone and a many thanks for joining me on this marvelous adventure.

3 thoughts on “Last Post

  1. Spider-Man,
    What an incredible tale! Our family has enjoyed following your story.

    We stayed with you, Canadia, the Germans and several others on a cold snowy night in the Smokies.

    My kids were moved by your happy spirit. Thanks for living so boldly.


    • Robbie thank you for those kind words! I remember you and your family well. We sat around a little fire one evening only to wake up to a cold snowy day!

      I wish you the very best!

  2. Spider-Man., grouch here. I was just going through some 2014 AT and came across your site. You did a fantastic job of capturing the trail. It was a pleasure to meet you along the way. Trail Worthy and myself spoke of you a few times along the way. :-). Best to you and yours.

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