Maine-ly Done With the AT

Hey guys this is Sergey reporting in for Spiderman. For those that do not know me, I am his youngest brother and typically go by Surge (yes like the soda from the 1990s). I  have been teaching Spiderman, since the day he was born, the skills necessary to become the man he is today. I was asked by Spiderman to update the blog, do to his inability to gain access to a computer. To get you in the loop, Spiderman is probably alive and doing well. Last we heard of him, he was fighting off an angry pack of gorillas that have been raiding the campsites. And if that wasn’t enough, the gorillas have been placing the occasional banana peel on the trail for an unexpected hiker to slip on.

Spiderman was given a deadline to reach Mount Katahdin by the end of the month. He has less than 200 miles to go so a pace of about 17 miles per day will allow him to complete the journey before then. Spiderman did say that the hiking is getting old and he is looking for alternative methods of completing the trail.

Just a quick hiking lesson, Blazing is a term used by hikers to describe the method they choose to hike along a trail.

  • White blazing is when a hiker travels the trail by foot and follows the white blazes.
  • Yellow blazing is when the hiker takes a ride in a vehicle along the trail.
  • Blue blazing is when a hiker  travels along a river parallel to the trail.
  • Pink blazing is when a guy hikes after a girl (which is apparently pretty common). Most of the time the girl does not know or is trying to get away.
  • Banana Blazing is when a guy or girl pursues another hiker.

Spiderman decided to go moose blazing. He captured a moose, harnessed it up, and is riding it all the way to Katahdin. With this he joins the ranks of the historical elites.

Definitely not photoshopped.

Definitely not photoshopped.

Stay tuned for Spiderman’s update before he conquers Katahdin which has been in his sights from the beginning.

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