Still in Connecticut…

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You may be wondering why I’m still in this state when I should be in Massachusetts by now. Have no fear, there is a perfectly good explanation for that. But before I give my excuses, let me tell you about New York.
For some reason the people of New York decided to build the trail next to swamps. As you may well know, swamps are a place where all kinds of horrible critters live. I’m talking about man-eating turtles, poisonous butterflies, flying snakes, Sasquatch, and terrifying blood sucking mosquitoes.

NY Swamps

NY Swamps

The mosquitoes drove me crazy in NY. I don’t know how my friend Sara Rockclimbing(that’s her last name in my cell) does it. These guys bite me everywhere. They always get me through my shirt too. Any place that my shirt is tight across my body is always vulnerable: shoulder region, my back when the pack is off, and my rock hard six pack. NY really tested my sanity but luckily I survived.
Nearing the end of NY I came across Stick-Man. He hiked the trail couple years ago. It was fun hanging out with him and enjoying his stories, words of wisdom, and trail advice. He, like many other former thru hikers, had the same general advice: slow down and enjoy the journey. It’s the journey, not the destination that matters.
Stick-Man had a funny bear encounter during his hike. One morning he had to use the bathroom and there were no privies in the area so he did what we all do, go in the woods. He was squatting under a tree and doing his business when he randomly looked up above him. There, in the tree, was a bear looking down at him! HAHA! Seriously, true story. His first thought was, “Get the camera!” So he pulled up his pants, ran got the camera and took a sweet pic of a bear still hanging out in the tree. Too funny!

The Lemon Squeeze

The Lemon Squeeze

Even though NY was full of harrowing dangers, it had some sweet terrain that we had to get through.

The sign at the border was nothing glamorous so only Chuck got in on this one.

So… back to my excuse regarding Connecticut. I am blaming my longer than planned stay in CT on Michelle.

The perpetrator for all my fun: Michelle

The perpetrator for all my fun: Michelle

I was walking from Kent towards the trail head when she pulled up and offered to give me a ride. While talking to her I found out she was going bouldering with her friend Tara aka (Star). Of course I simply had to invite myself on the fun and those two were more than welcoming. We had loads of fun on the rocks.




After all that climbing we got hungry so it was off to Star’s house. She is a chef and served us up some delicious pasta and fried chicken.

Right now I am 7 miles outside of Massachusetts and will be there in a couple hours. CT was loads of fun and it will be dearly missed. Here are some more random pics I took:



A legit privy

A legit privy

Me slowly roasting in 90+ degree temps (NY)

Me slowly roasting in 90+ degree temps (NY)

Umm, as for the care packages and where to send them, I don’t even know! Call El Tigre. I’ll put all that responsibility on him. He can handle it, that’s why they call him…

I miss everyone at home and hope to be back sooner than later.
Spider Man

9 thoughts on “Still in Connecticut…

  1. Spiderman! Good to know you are still out there! Big Tex was wondering where you were :). I’m neat Dalton, Massachusetts. Hope to see you up the trail! It’s really refreshing seeing you take your time and enjoying every expierence.


    • Oops! It’s great to hear from you. Glad to know that you’re still on the trail. Dalton? I’m impressed with your quick pace. Give Big Tex a shout out from me. See you down the trail.

  2. Hey Spidy! You look waaaay wilder than when I last saw you! Sounds like NY was really as gruesome as everybody was telling before anyone got there. But it’s good to hear you survived it in one piece!

    • Fritz my man!! So good to hear from you. You back in Germany now? To everyone reading this, Fritz got a nasty stress fracture in foot and had to get off trail.

      • Yeah, back in Germay now. Just celebrated the soccer victory over Brazil! The foot is feeling much better and is healing up pretty good. Next week I’ll begin some light running exercises and other stuff. Thanks again for all the advice and hints you’ve given me!
        In a few months, university will start, so my AT hike will be delayed by a couple years. Delayed, not forgotten, mind you! In the meantime, give old Kathadin a shout from me, will you?

  3. Hey Spiderman! Sorry to hear we delayed your progress but you have to admit…bouldering and fried chicken beats battling Mosquitos and lugging around a monster pack. Also, can ‘Perpetrator of fun’ be my trail name? I like the sound of it. Good luck on the rest of your hike!

  4. Hey Spiderman, sorry we delayed your progress but you have to admit…bouldering and fried chicken beats battling Mosquitos and lugging around a monster pack. Also, can ‘perpetrator of fun’ be my trail name? I like the sound of it. Good luck with the rest of your hike!

    • Hey mitchelle. I still stand by my claim of 40lb pack haha. As for trail name, I think Kit-Kat would be perfect! I was singing that Kit-Kat commercial song for ages. It totally goes for you. Thanks for the fun and the lift.

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