Happy 4 of July!

The one day that I finally make it into town happens to be a holiday. That’s bad news because post office is closed and so is the library. I am unable to upload cool pics from my gopro untill i get a computer so be patient my friends. Pics of danger, suspense and adventure are yet to come. Until then I will leave you with a small update from my new/old iPhone 3. Oh, before I forget to my family and friends, pls send me a text with ur name. I lost everyones contact info with other cell.
I’m currently in Kent, Connecticut repacking all the goodies my friends sent me. I should be in Massachusets in a couple days- super excited about that. As for New York, glad to be moving on. NY was exciting, miserable, super, hot/humid, easy, ferocious mosquitos, swamps everywhere… I think you got the point. Did you know that there is a hurrican in the Atlantic called Andrew? I just found out about the guy last night while cowering in my tent during a crazy lightning storm. Anyways, all is well. I think there’s a town coming up in a few days with a library so stay tuned my friends for pics and… another Bear story (insert suspense).

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