Quick update

Nothing quite like a selfie haha!
Hey everyone. Im alive and still hiking the endless miles. I just wanted to let u guys know im in Pennsylvania right now. Us hikers have dubbed it Rocks-sylvania though. Word on the trail has it that trail maintainers secretly pile large amount of rocks on the trail for us. It has also been rumoured that they go around and sharpen those rocks, pointy end up of course. I have not wittnessed these atrocities personally but there seems to be clear signs of holiganism. It is clear that someone is trying to make our lives miserable. Mother Nature is on my list of suspects.
There is so much that happened aince my last post but that will have to wait since i cant really post pics with my cell phone for some reason.
Ive been with Kristo on and off. You should check out his blog in te mean time.
Take care and God Bless!

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