Wins & Norms- On The AT

I am sitting at a laundry mat killing time by reading about other people’s hiking experiences. It’s funny how that appeals to me more than the current world news or Hollywood drama. A simple life is a pleasant one. This blogger nailed it with their post on AT living and I want to share her view point. Enjoy!

The AT Experience

It is amazing how when you are on the trail your life takes on a different set of priorities. The small “wins” in life are things you would normally take for granted. You end up doing things on a weekly basis that were never a part of your life before but you now rely on. You are living completely separate from most of the comforts you knew, but you quickly adapt and your life now feels normal, memories of your old life and they way things were done retreating into the distance.

1. Free laundry soap at the laundry mat, you use it even though you have allergic reactions to some detergents
2. All you can eat, anything. (If there is an eating contest you want to be around for Rooster to attempt it!)
3. A half used bottle of hotel shampoo in the hostel shower. You don’t want…

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