Care Packages questions/answers

Several people have been asking me how and where can they send a care package. First of all, thank you for that thoughtful gesture! Well, you can send care packages to Damascus VA or Atkins VA. I will be at Damascus in 2 weeks and in Atkins in 3 weeks.
If possible, please send out the package at least 1 week before I get there. That way it will be there waiting for me, vs me stopping and waiting for any packages. But don’t send too much. My pack is pretty small and I can only carry so much.

This is how the package should be labeled if sending to Damascus:

Ed Goretoy
C/O Adventure Damascus
PO Box 1113
128 West Laurel Ave.
Damascus, VA 24236
PLZ Hold for Thru Hiker
ETA (April 18)

*if sending to Damascus, please send out the care package no later than April 11. Thanks!!!
The other location is as follows:

Ed Goretoy
C/O General Delivery
5864 Lee Hwy
Atkins, VA 24311
PLZ Hold for Thru Hiker
ETA (April 24)

*if sending to Atkins, please send the package out between April 10-17.

I hope that helps. I will also let you guys know where I will be in next month. Oh! Almost forgot. Please send me a message if you are sending me a package so I can keep my eyes out for it. You can post it on this blog or text me 864-542-3809.
I am so blessed to have trail angels like you guys looking out for me. Many thanks!!!

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